Why DeFi Matters

Why DeFi Matters

Crypto & DeFi can help billions of people - especially those who need it most. And it’s only 7 years old! I’ll tell you why you secretly want to care about DeFi in less than 4 minutes 👇🏾

Why are you reading this?

Maybe you’re among the nearly half of Millennials and Gen X investors who said it would “take a miracle” to retire. You’re worried about skyrocketing public debt & not-so-transitory inflation. For you, crypto represents financial freedom.

Maybe you’re one of the 70% of Americans who disapprove of Congress and no longer trust policymakers to do the right thing given that they spend recklessly and insider trade with impunity. You’re looking for an alternative to central planners in DC and Beijing. For you, crypto is an exit vote.

Maybe you’re one of millions that seethes knowing Wall Street faced no repercussions for fueling the last financial crisis, and tends to profit from federal policies that punish their customers. Or you’re worried about Big Tech’s monopoly power, censorship, and control over your personal data. For you, crypto is a shot across their bows.

Maybe you’re from a country whose economy is tanking. Or maybe you’re one of billions of unbanked people. You want to send money to your family across the country, but you can’t. You want to invest your money in modern financial markets, but you can’t. You want to save up your hard earned money, but you can’t. For you, crypto is your chance to achieve economic freedom.

(thanks Ryan Selkis)

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Not convinced? Fair enough.

The best way to see DeFi’s potential is to understand real problems affecting real people:

  1. Some people aren't granted access to set up a bank account or use financial services.
  2. Lack of access to financial services can prevent people from being employable.
  3. Financial services can block you from getting paid.
  4. A hidden charge of financial services is your personal data.
  5. Governments and centralized institutions can close down markets at will.
  6. Trading hours often limited to business hours of specific time zone.
  7. Money transfers can take days due to internal human processes.
  8. There's a premium to financial services because intermediary institutions need their cut.

(source Ethereum Foundation)

DeFi is a path to a better future.

It is an open and global financial system built for the internet age – an alternative to a system that's opaque, tightly controlled, and held together by decades-old infrastructure and processes.

It gives you control and visibility over your money. It gives you exposure to global markets and alternatives to your local currency or banking options. DeFi products open up financial services to anyone with an internet connection and they're largely owned and maintained by their users. So far tens of billions of dollars worth of crypto has flowed through DeFi applications and it's growing every day.

Granted, it’s still in its VERY early days (only 7 years old!) and there are a lot of obstacles to overcome. But, it could unlock economic freedom for billions. Giving billions of people healthier societies, cleaner environments, better democracy, and less poverty.

That’s a future we can all get behind.