Luke Clancy

Luke Clancy

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  • I live by 4 words: connection authenticity exploration, & growth.
  • I’m on the road to an original place through introspection, self development, and authentic experiences.
  • Quick hits: Check out my recent essays on recruitment and mental health, my career and life operating philosophies, and my favorite resources.
  • Studying in Urbana-Champaign 🌽 born & raised in Chicago 🌇



🐇 Rabbit holes

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  • Emerging technology.
  • Building a meaningful life & career.
  • Exploring my mind, recognizing patterns, & asking better questions.
  • Learning the stories and playbooks behind great people, companies, cities, & civilizations.



  • biology, consciousness, brain machine interfaces, ego, creativity, influence, Goggins, Jiddu Krishnamurti, human condition, meaningful relationships, creativity, Taoism, Buddhism, Stoicism, spirituality, love, meditation, mindfulness, serendipity, presence, how to (not) argue, journaling, travel, hostels, hiking, indie hacking/making, creator economy, private equity, cash flow, holding companies, leverage, storytelling, copywriting, charisma, sales, cold email, automation tools, growth, decision making, flow state / focus, marketing, tech history, building businesses, blockchain, AI, lifting, running, longevity, NBA basketball strategy, & Latin dancing.
  • Previous:

    *still updating this

    2023: podcasts for time capsuling,

    2022: reflection, online writing, making money using the internet

    2021: emotional intelligence, writing, kinematics, multi-variable calculus,

    2020: mental health, entrepreneurship, calculus & integrals,

    2019: chemistry, algebraic equations & pre-calculus

    2018: baseball,

    2017: athlete-based lifting,

    2016: social intelligence, charisma, lifting, baseball, basketball, cross country

    • AI (but actually go deep), rationality, effective altruism, physics, math,

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🎲 Passions

  1. Making society more passionate, more thoughtful, less depressed, & less polarized.
  2. Helping people around me create meaningful relationships & passion projects.
  3. Leveraging emerging tech to create a 100x better future.

👋🏼 Let’s connect!

Qualities I appreciate the most in people: curiosity, thoughtfulness, and agency.

If anything resonates, don’t hesitate to reach out! Always down to meet likeminded people :)

✍🏼 Featured writings & recordings

I write (& record) about meaningful careers, flourishing lives, & personal insights! For more of my content, check out this page.

Life / Growth

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