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If you swapped mountains & muskets for internet links & a trusty keyboard then I’m your modern-day Lewis & Clark. Taming the digital frontier one click at a time! Okay, okay, not really. But humor me.

Like Lewis & Clark, I’m a sucker for curiosity-fueled rabbit holes. And any topic is on the table. One day I’m delving into the urban planning politics behind New York City. The next? Golden Age Athens & the foundations of philosophy. Hell, I remember a 2 week span where I spent the day learning about orcas and the night learning about the Denver Nuggets’ offensive strategy.

You get the idea — I’m a curious cat.

Every twist and turn on these intellectual adventures, I'm jotting down notes. Maybe it's a thought-provoking question, a quote that slapped me right in the feels, an awe-striking idea, or my latest 'eureka' moment about life.

And what do I do with these scribbled gems? Gift wrap them and serve them hot on this newsletter.

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