What’s Your Why? (Resources)

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What makes you tick? Why are you working so hard at the things you’re working at? Why are you in AKPsi? What do you really want to get out of this? You should probably have a working answer for these questions. After all, the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you ask yourself. These hard-hitting questions can feel overwhelming. That’s normal! This page isn’t made to help you feel good. It’s made to help you put one foot in front of another as you find your authentic path.

🤔 Main Takeaways (from the presentation)

  • The only real test of intelligence is if you get what you want out of life.
  • Having a working idea is FAR better than nothing.
    • Sculptors start with a simple block of concrete. They consistently work on it over time to eventually create a masterpiece.
    • The same goes for creating a great life.
  • Live life backwards. Beginning with the end in mind will…
    • Empower you to take full advantage of the present.
    • Minimize the number of regrets you’ll have later
  • Scary > Dangerous
    • Scary = imperfectly living your own life.
    • Dangerous = perfectly living the life of somebody else.
  • These are all bets.
    • Some will work, others won’t. Regardless, you’ll learn and improve.
  • If you’re not failing, you’re doing something wrong.
    • Failure is the secret sauce behind the life you want to live. It is the (necessary) first step for growth.
    • Recognize it as a data point and impermanent by nature.
  • “sh*t hitting the fan moments” → “Big Boss Moments” from video games.
    • You have to go through this to get to the next level.
    • It’s not a bug on the adventure of life. It’s a feature.

💥 Challenges

Challenge #1

Write down your north stars
  • What’s type of life do you want to live & person you want to become?
  • What are you optimizing for and striving towards?
  • Example:
  • Luke’s North Stars

Challenge #2

Write down your personal mission statement
  • How are you going to act on an average Tuesday?
  • Example:
  • Luke’s Personal Mission Statement

    Luke Clancy will:

    • Stay authentic while continuing to question what drives him
    • Be grateful for his life and its many opportunities
    • Show appreciation for others and be genuine in his apologies
    • Maintain balance and prioritize his mental & physical health regularly
    • Reason from first principles
    • Be a source of growth for others
    • Stay curious and think to himself “wait, but why?”
    • Love his friends and families
    • Leverage his strengths and align his passions with his actions to build a brighter future
    • Think big
    • Explore people, nature, and cultures
    • Ponder on the future
    • Inspire others
    • Rely on others when he needs help and help others when they need him
    • Learn how to improve his life, other’s lives, and the lives of people in the future
    • Make someone’s day every day

Challenge #3

Tape #1 & #2 on the wall in your room so you see it every day
  • It will subtly push you.

Challenge #4

Read & talk with close friends about the resources and questions below
  • You won’t regret it. It will bring clarity.

🗨️ Great Quotes

“The definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”
“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Life is a single player game.”
“Deserve what you want.” - Cal Newport
“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
“You don’t become confident by shouting affirmations at the mirror. You do it by having an undeniable stack of proof that you are who you say you are. Outwork your self-doubt.” - James Clear
“What the pupil must learn (if he learns anything at all) is that the world will do most of the work for you, provided you cooperate with it by identifying how it really works and aligning with those realities. If we do not let the world teach us, it teaches us a lesson.” - Joseph Tussman
As you get closer to doing the work that you’re called to, you get less envious of people.

🏦 Resources

📜 Blogs & Essays

📚 Books

  • ⭐ Tuesday’s With Morrie - Mitch Albom
  • ⭐ Atomic Habits - James Clear
  • The Defining Decade - Meg Jay
  • On The Shortness Of Life - Seneca

❓Reflection Questions


⭐ What do you want your obituary to say?

⭐ What do you aspire to be and do before you would be willing do die?

⭐ What are your north stars? What does your best life look like?

⭐ What did you like doing when you were a little kid?

  • What are you actually measuring your worth off of right now? Choose the right yardstick.


  • ⭐ If you knew you were going to be successful at it in 5 years, what would you do professionally?
  • ⭐ What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  • What is something I would do even if I didn’t get paid to do it?
  • What could you not be paid a billion dollars to stop doing?
  • What would you do if the only reward for doing good work is more work?
  • What interests you?
  • Who makes money doing that thing?
  • How do they do it?
  • Do they seem happy?
  • What are you optimizing for? What games are you playing?
    • Are you playing a stupid game? “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

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